Crimson Fang of Gabarum

Peter Decian

Session 22-January-2017

Year 11602, month Erad (4)
029 Peter Decian
Location: Farun & Gabarum

Anzul found Peter in his journal. Peter Decian grew up with Anzul. He failed to be accepted into the prestigious Neverwinter Academy, while Anzul was admitted. Anzul noted that Peter was neither academically or magically skilled enough to gain admittance.

There were three associates of Peter Decian from about ten years ago. An assassin named Heelon Caphan, no known location was found. An archmage named Achim Droan who lived in Calimport. A soldier turned mercenary named Bandy Larsis lived in Neverwinter tens years ago.

The Crimson Fang traveled to Calimport. Achim had not been seen in about ten years. He kept a house in Calimport and rented a space in a warehouse. Ander spread the word that the Crimson Fang wished to hire a powerful wizard and had heard of Achim Droan. Both spaces were searched. A small magical chest was found in the warehouse. The chest contained a scroll which hummed when held using mage hand. The chest and scroll were put into the bag of holding.

The Crimson Fang then traveled to Neverwinter. Bandy had been seen recently coming and going through a single gate. He had kept his house in Neverwinter, but did not seem to be living there. It was believed he was staying outside of Neverwinter. The gate guards gave the Crimson Fang a current description of Bandy Larsis. They waited at the gate for the guards to identify Bandy. Bandy was seen and followed to a location North of Neverwinter. Sebastian made contact with Bandy Larsis and Achim Droan, while the rest of the Crimson Fang was hidden. He explained they wanted to kill Anzul Lavashar. Bandy and Larsis agreed to meet in a week with the Crimson Fang, Heelon and Peter would also be in attendance. The Crimson Fang was asked to meet outside the Neverwinter Wood and would be led to the location of the meeting. As Sebastian left he and the others notice individuals moving from concealment.

The Crimson Fang were led into the Neverwinter Wood to a clearing with a four room house. Peter Decial, Heelon Caphan, Achim Droan, and Bandy Larsis were willing to assist the Crimson Fang in eliminating Anzul. They said they would bring a force of a thousand fighters. The Crimson Fang would have the assistance of the Riverun bullywug clan and their battle toad mounts. They would assemble near Zanulbund Island. The attack on Lavashar Keep would be at dawn from both the front and rear.

Everyone assembled before dawn. The assault on Lavashar Keep began at dawn. As Peter, his associates, and the thousand fighters reached the keep they were surrounded by bullywugs. The Crimson Fang successfully won the allegiance of the thousand fighters. A battle began against Peter and his associates. Time stop and plane shift brought the four back to the house in Neverwinter Wood. The Crimson Fang arrived shortly and the battle continued. Peter and his associates were killed. The house was searched an intelligent dagger, a longsword, and a magical hour glass were found.



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