Crimson Fang of Gabarum

Honor Among Thieves

Session 29-January-2017

Year 11601, month 9 Minea
031 Honor Among Thieves
Location: Fey Wild & Gabarum
The Crimson Fang received word that Berith, the captain of the guard for a local thieves guild, had been acting strangely. Berith began wearing a glass crown after he found it outside his front door.
A mage named Castar left Breeon’s crown for Berith after discovering the Aberrant Sphere was being sent to the thieves guild. There was no record of anyone ordering the sphere. Caster had a portable hole in the fey wild where he was storing the evil items to keep them out of the wrong hands. The party offered to store the evil items on Zanulbund Island, which is warded to protect anything stored on the island from being found, Castar agreed.



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