Crimson Fang of Gabarum

8-March-2015 through 29-March-2015

Session 8-March-2015, 22-March-2015, 29-March-2015
Year 11600, month Beranu (3)

Location: Verdantdell, Creywood
Requested by Mayor Joneth Donderin and the Town Council of Verdentdell
Mission: Investigate rumors of slavers
Transported via planar portal from Faerun

The slavers were defeated. 54 slaves were freed. The head slaver was then tracked to Creywood. The slaver’s ledger was translated and given to the authorities. The slaver’s cave was cleared of slavers, then goblins and worgs.

The slavers forfeited ownership of the Sneering Horde Tavern and cave system, because of their criminal activity. The party was offered and took ownership of the tavern. The tavern is leased to another tavern owner in Verdantdell, giving the party a source of income. The party also turned the slavers cave system into an entertainment complex. It also functions as adventurer recruitment facility.

The wizard Kippen Lavashar, unsubstantiated rumor implies he runs a sinister reputation. The rumor was unfounded, two of his servants were creating rumors about Kippen to gain status.

New Information: The Crimson Fang, a criminal organization is headquartered on Zanulbund Island.


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