Crimson Fang of Gabarum

The Seven

Session 16-Oct-2016 through 4-Dec-2016

Session 16-Oct-2016, 23-Oct-2016, 30-Oct-2016, 6-Nov-2016, 13-Nov-2016, 20-Nov-2016, 27-Nov-2016, 4-Dec-2016
Year 11601, months Zaret (5) – Daran (6)
026 The Seven
Location: Gabarum & Faerun

A group of seven individuals have asked to move to Gabarum from the Prime Material plane. Anzul suspects they have withheld information. The Crimson Fang was been asked to investigate.
The Seven were meeting, with the bard Leominar eavesdropping. Overheard “lodestone”, “mine”, and something about creating/conjuring a dragon.

A mine had recently been discovered in Gabarum near the location the Seven planned to settle. The mine appears to have been cleared out recently. A pair of duergar were found, they realized the mine had been claimed and had no interest in mining it. A beholder presented a challenge in he narrow passages. It was lured into a wider space and defeated.

In the last room of the cavern a group of twenty deep gnomes were busy doing something at a wall. They seemed to have no interest in the Crimson Fang. A cloud dragon appeared. It paid no attention to the gnomes.

The paladin Sebastian punched through a wall in one area of the cave where he could hear water. He punched through a weak spot in the wall and found a subterranean stream. He punched an 8 inch hole through the floor in another area where he could hear water. In the space below he saw water trickling down the walls into a cracks in the floor, the volume of water seemed to be too great. He moved into the room and punched through the floor where the flow was the greatest. He heard a rumbling. He had triggered a collapse in both the roof and floor of the space. A torrent of water plunging down swept him into the space below. A new rumbling then began and the wall of the next room blew out. Sebastian was swept 100 feet along an underground river to a cliff with a 100 foot drop off. He was able to grab onto the rock before falling off the cliff. Sebastian lowered himself to the ground. He found himself in a meadow, beyond was the tree line of a forest.

The wizard Andor flew in after Sebastian. He saw the meadow, the forest, and then beyond a village. Andor flew the rest of The Crimson Fang down to the meadow.



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