Crimson Fang of Gabarum

Kesia Vorion

Session 15-January-2017

Year 11601, month Civer (8) to Ovrit (10)
Year 11602, month Namur (1) to Beranu (3)
028 Kesia Vorion
Location: Gabarum

The houses of the Seven and the rented rooms of the Convergence wizards were searched. A letter was found in the Chume’s home. It was from Kesia Vorion introducing the five Convergence wizard to the Seven. Kesia hated Anzul Lavashar, though no one knew why. They had only met with Kezia’s representatives. Written communications were delivered by courier.

The Crimson Fang paid a courier to get them closer to Kesia. They found the location of a meeting where Kesia would be present a week later. Kesia was captured and questioned. She wanted revenge against Anzul for injuring her father Elredor Vorion. Anzul scanned his journals for information on Elredor. He found information that Elredor was injured, but the injuries were not permanent.

The Vorion family home was located. Elredor also told them he was injured by Anzul’s adventuring party and healed completely. Kesia was estranged from her family. She was fairly paranoid and getting worse by the time she left their home. They had no way to contact her.

While Kesia was estranged from her family, her uncle Peter had convinced her that her father’s injuries were worse with long lasting negative effects. Peter was a former friend of Elredor. Elredor remembered Peter lived in Waterdeep and gave the Crimson Fang the address.

It was arranged for Elredor and Anzul to face Kesia together. Kesia was so overwhelmed, she shut down. The Crimson Fang provided her with the help she needed at Lavashar Keep. Her parents Elredor and Halla came to stay at the Keep with her.

The Crimson Fang arrived in Waterdeep. After some confusion it was discovered Peter no longer lived at the address. The current resident was named Peter. Kesia and Elredor confirmed it was not the Peter they knew.



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