Crimson Fang of Gabarum


Session 05-Feb-2017

Year 11601, month 10 Ovrit
032 Condemned
Location: Gabarum
An individual in rags shambled past the Crimson Fang. They pointed and shouted, “You! Look at what you’ve done. This is your fault! You are condemned!” No one recognizes the shouter.
They are Parken of Druwin village, a new settlement on Gabarum. Parken is a thief and was hired to acquire four magic items for a mage named Banaah; the Wand of Orcus, Sphere Of Annihilation, Book Of Vile Darkness, and the Talisman Of Ultimate Evil. Druwin is guarded by Jayesh, a grave titan.
The Crimson Fang had the wand and talisman secured on Zanulbund Island. Parken failed because she could not retrieve all four items. Banaah cursed her to wander the plane. Banaah was under the influence of a Pact Devil. The Crimson Fang defeated Banaah. They retrieved the Book Of Vile Darkness and the Sphere of Annihilation, as well as the amulet for the sphere. Parken’s spirit was freed. The party acquired Jayesh, the grave titan.



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