Crimson Fang of Gabarum

Thieves Storage
Session 12-Feb-2017 to 19-Feb-2017

Year 1602, Month 1 Namur
033 Thieves Storage
Location Gabarum
Castar alerted Anzul to a group of thieves collecting magic items from multiple planes. They were storing items in an underground facility in Northern Gabarum. Anzul and Castar created a second Magic Suppression Tote. The Crimson Fang searched the entire facility. They found a cache of magic items, but no thieves.

Session 05-Feb-2017

Year 11601, month 10 Ovrit
032 Condemned
Location: Gabarum
An individual in rags shambled past the Crimson Fang. They pointed and shouted, “You! Look at what you’ve done. This is your fault! You are condemned!” No one recognizes the shouter.
They are Parken of Druwin village, a new settlement on Gabarum. Parken is a thief and was hired to acquire four magic items for a mage named Banaah; the Wand of Orcus, Sphere Of Annihilation, Book Of Vile Darkness, and the Talisman Of Ultimate Evil. Druwin is guarded by Jayesh, a grave titan.
The Crimson Fang had the wand and talisman secured on Zanulbund Island. Parken failed because she could not retrieve all four items. Banaah cursed her to wander the plane. Banaah was under the influence of a Pact Devil. The Crimson Fang defeated Banaah. They retrieved the Book Of Vile Darkness and the Sphere of Annihilation, as well as the amulet for the sphere. Parken’s spirit was freed. The party acquired Jayesh, the grave titan.

Honor Among Thieves
Session 29-January-2017

Year 11601, month 9 Minea
031 Honor Among Thieves
Location: Fey Wild & Gabarum
The Crimson Fang received word that Berith, the captain of the guard for a local thieves guild, had been acting strangely. Berith began wearing a glass crown after he found it outside his front door.
A mage named Castar left Breeon’s crown for Berith after discovering the Aberrant Sphere was being sent to the thieves guild. There was no record of anyone ordering the sphere. Caster had a portable hole in the fey wild where he was storing the evil items to keep them out of the wrong hands. The party offered to store the evil items on Zanulbund Island, which is warded to protect anything stored on the island from being found, Castar agreed.

Oh My Squirrel
Session 29-January-2017

Year 11601, month 8 Civer
030 Oh My Squirrel
Location: Faerun & Gabarum
During a previous adventure Sean threw Bartho, the mage Jeruel Nain’s familiar into a portal. Jereul retrieved Bartho. The squirrel has not been the same since. Jeruel was seeking revenge against the fighter Sean. The party healed Bartho. Jeruel forgave Sean.

Peter Decian
Session 22-January-2017

Year 11602, month Erad (4)
029 Peter Decian
Location: Farun & Gabarum

Anzul found Peter in his journal. Peter Decian grew up with Anzul. He failed to be accepted into the prestigious Neverwinter Academy, while Anzul was admitted. Anzul noted that Peter was neither academically or magically skilled enough to gain admittance.

There were three associates of Peter Decian from about ten years ago. An assassin named Heelon Caphan, no known location was found. An archmage named Achim Droan who lived in Calimport. A soldier turned mercenary named Bandy Larsis lived in Neverwinter tens years ago.

The Crimson Fang traveled to Calimport. Achim had not been seen in about ten years. He kept a house in Calimport and rented a space in a warehouse. Ander spread the word that the Crimson Fang wished to hire a powerful wizard and had heard of Achim Droan. Both spaces were searched. A small magical chest was found in the warehouse. The chest contained a scroll which hummed when held using mage hand. The chest and scroll were put into the bag of holding.

The Crimson Fang then traveled to Neverwinter. Bandy had been seen recently coming and going through a single gate. He had kept his house in Neverwinter, but did not seem to be living there. It was believed he was staying outside of Neverwinter. The gate guards gave the Crimson Fang a current description of Bandy Larsis. They waited at the gate for the guards to identify Bandy. Bandy was seen and followed to a location North of Neverwinter. Sebastian made contact with Bandy Larsis and Achim Droan, while the rest of the Crimson Fang was hidden. He explained they wanted to kill Anzul Lavashar. Bandy and Larsis agreed to meet in a week with the Crimson Fang, Heelon and Peter would also be in attendance. The Crimson Fang was asked to meet outside the Neverwinter Wood and would be led to the location of the meeting. As Sebastian left he and the others notice individuals moving from concealment.

The Crimson Fang were led into the Neverwinter Wood to a clearing with a four room house. Peter Decial, Heelon Caphan, Achim Droan, and Bandy Larsis were willing to assist the Crimson Fang in eliminating Anzul. They said they would bring a force of a thousand fighters. The Crimson Fang would have the assistance of the Riverun bullywug clan and their battle toad mounts. They would assemble near Zanulbund Island. The attack on Lavashar Keep would be at dawn from both the front and rear.

Everyone assembled before dawn. The assault on Lavashar Keep began at dawn. As Peter, his associates, and the thousand fighters reached the keep they were surrounded by bullywugs. The Crimson Fang successfully won the allegiance of the thousand fighters. A battle began against Peter and his associates. Time stop and plane shift brought the four back to the house in Neverwinter Wood. The Crimson Fang arrived shortly and the battle continued. Peter and his associates were killed. The house was searched an intelligent dagger, a longsword, and a magical hour glass were found.

Kesia Vorion
Session 15-January-2017

Year 11601, month Civer (8) to Ovrit (10)
Year 11602, month Namur (1) to Beranu (3)
028 Kesia Vorion
Location: Gabarum

The houses of the Seven and the rented rooms of the Convergence wizards were searched. A letter was found in the Chume’s home. It was from Kesia Vorion introducing the five Convergence wizard to the Seven. Kesia hated Anzul Lavashar, though no one knew why. They had only met with Kezia’s representatives. Written communications were delivered by courier.

The Crimson Fang paid a courier to get them closer to Kesia. They found the location of a meeting where Kesia would be present a week later. Kesia was captured and questioned. She wanted revenge against Anzul for injuring her father Elredor Vorion. Anzul scanned his journals for information on Elredor. He found information that Elredor was injured, but the injuries were not permanent.

The Vorion family home was located. Elredor also told them he was injured by Anzul’s adventuring party and healed completely. Kesia was estranged from her family. She was fairly paranoid and getting worse by the time she left their home. They had no way to contact her.

While Kesia was estranged from her family, her uncle Peter had convinced her that her father’s injuries were worse with long lasting negative effects. Peter was a former friend of Elredor. Elredor remembered Peter lived in Waterdeep and gave the Crimson Fang the address.

It was arranged for Elredor and Anzul to face Kesia together. Kesia was so overwhelmed, she shut down. The Crimson Fang provided her with the help she needed at Lavashar Keep. Her parents Elredor and Halla came to stay at the Keep with her.

The Crimson Fang arrived in Waterdeep. After some confusion it was discovered Peter no longer lived at the address. The current resident was named Peter. Kesia and Elredor confirmed it was not the Peter they knew.

Strange Valley
Session 11-Dec-2016 through 15-January-2017

Session 11-Dec-2016, 18-Dec-2016, 8-January-2017, 15-January-2017
Year 11601, months Lemni (7)
027 Strange Valley
Location: Gabarum, Subterranean Zarenan Keep on Mount Asiel
The Crimson Fang found themselves in a meadow filled with colorful flowers. The flowers seem to follow movement. The flowers continue into the forest, along with trees and giant sundew plants. A large creature was heard charging through the forest. As the creature neared the Crimson Fang, they could see it was a boar. Sebastian, the paladin, befriended the boar. The wizard Andor fell asleep after targeting a plant. Attempts were made to awaken him, with no success.

The village beyond the forest had been invaded by ten cyclops. The cyclops began fighting among themselves, giving the Crimson Fang the opportunity to explore. The buildings were investigated. No villagers were found. Sebastian, the paladin, found a trap door in a storage building with an underground passage below. The tunnel was followed.

The villagers were located in a room at the end of the underground passage. They have been raided by a few cyclops before, but never more. The village mage was able to revive Andor. The cyclops were led using dancing lights toward the flowers in the meadow which put them to sleep. One cyclops was brought back into the village. A pendant with a crude etching of the Lord’s Alliance symbol was around its neck and was removed. A scarification was found on its upper right chest. It was similar to a scarification seen on gnomes in the lodestone mine. Dispell magic revealed the cyclops to be a missing villager named Frank.

Within an hour of being returning to his original form, the scarification on Frank’s chest began to fade. The necklaces were removed from each cyclops, then they were revived. The necklaces were put into the bag of holding. Frank revealed he and nine other villagers were in the forest when they saw individuals traveling to the North. While following the strangers, they came upon a clearing containing a fairy ring. Inside the fairy ring were ten leather necklaces with a stone pendant. Each pendant contained a crude etching of the Lord’s Alliance symbol. The strangers continued North along a path.

Frank was able to lead the Crimson Fang to the fairy circle he visited before he was transformed. There were ten amulets within the circle. Frank and the other nine villagers wandered into the fairy circle. Each put on an amulet. Frank remembered nothing after putting on the amulet.

The villagers were asked if they would like to return to the surface, they agreed. Frank joined the other villagers. They used a tunnel which led from their village upward into the lodestone mine, then traveled to the surface.

The Crimson Fang traveled North along the path the strangers seen by the villagers had followed. They came upon a border where the sky appeared to meet the horizon. Andor disbelieved the illusion to reveal a steep mountain at least 100 feet in height. He flew upward and found the mountain had a flat summit containing a keep.

Sebastian followed the mountain around the keep and found it connected to the cavern wall. He successfully disbelieved the illusion to reveal a passage into the cavern. He followed the passage until he came to a bend, then returned to the others to tell what he had found.

Bronach, the druid, took the form of a cave spider and did some initial reconnaissance. The Seven were present, as were the five mages from Convergence who had previously escaped capture. Bronach returned to meet with the rest of the Crimson Fang.

The Riverun bullywug clan was recruited to help defeat the Seven and the remaining members of Convergence. The Chume’s, and the seven wizards of convergence were captured and questioned.

The Seven
Session 16-Oct-2016 through 4-Dec-2016

Session 16-Oct-2016, 23-Oct-2016, 30-Oct-2016, 6-Nov-2016, 13-Nov-2016, 20-Nov-2016, 27-Nov-2016, 4-Dec-2016
Year 11601, months Zaret (5) – Daran (6)
026 The Seven
Location: Gabarum & Faerun

A group of seven individuals have asked to move to Gabarum from the Prime Material plane. Anzul suspects they have withheld information. The Crimson Fang was been asked to investigate.
The Seven were meeting, with the bard Leominar eavesdropping. Overheard “lodestone”, “mine”, and something about creating/conjuring a dragon.

A mine had recently been discovered in Gabarum near the location the Seven planned to settle. The mine appears to have been cleared out recently. A pair of duergar were found, they realized the mine had been claimed and had no interest in mining it. A beholder presented a challenge in he narrow passages. It was lured into a wider space and defeated.

In the last room of the cavern a group of twenty deep gnomes were busy doing something at a wall. They seemed to have no interest in the Crimson Fang. A cloud dragon appeared. It paid no attention to the gnomes.

The paladin Sebastian punched through a wall in one area of the cave where he could hear water. He punched through a weak spot in the wall and found a subterranean stream. He punched an 8 inch hole through the floor in another area where he could hear water. In the space below he saw water trickling down the walls into a cracks in the floor, the volume of water seemed to be too great. He moved into the room and punched through the floor where the flow was the greatest. He heard a rumbling. He had triggered a collapse in both the roof and floor of the space. A torrent of water plunging down swept him into the space below. A new rumbling then began and the wall of the next room blew out. Sebastian was swept 100 feet along an underground river to a cliff with a 100 foot drop off. He was able to grab onto the rock before falling off the cliff. Sebastian lowered himself to the ground. He found himself in a meadow, beyond was the tree line of a forest.

The wizard Andor flew in after Sebastian. He saw the meadow, the forest, and then beyond a village. Andor flew the rest of The Crimson Fang down to the meadow.

The Crimson Fang

Session 12-April-2015 Gabarum
Year 11600, month Erad (4)
Location: Lavashar Keep, Zanulbund Island

Kippen Lavashar, the wizard in Verdantdell, is related to those who built the keep.
The party broke into the vault and locked cabinet inside. The bag of holding was filled with 100 pounds of treasure.

The party discovered discovered a cavern easily large enough to allow vessels entry. A trap door system was discovered in four places on the island. They overheard others who said they had no idea how they came to be in Gabarum.

8-March-2015 through 29-March-2015

Session 8-March-2015, 22-March-2015, 29-March-2015
Year 11600, month Beranu (3)

Location: Verdantdell, Creywood
Requested by Mayor Joneth Donderin and the Town Council of Verdentdell
Mission: Investigate rumors of slavers
Transported via planar portal from Faerun

The slavers were defeated. 54 slaves were freed. The head slaver was then tracked to Creywood. The slaver’s ledger was translated and given to the authorities. The slaver’s cave was cleared of slavers, then goblins and worgs.

The slavers forfeited ownership of the Sneering Horde Tavern and cave system, because of their criminal activity. The party was offered and took ownership of the tavern. The tavern is leased to another tavern owner in Verdantdell, giving the party a source of income. The party also turned the slavers cave system into an entertainment complex. It also functions as adventurer recruitment facility.

The wizard Kippen Lavashar, unsubstantiated rumor implies he runs a sinister reputation. The rumor was unfounded, two of his servants were creating rumors about Kippen to gain status.

New Information: The Crimson Fang, a criminal organization is headquartered on Zanulbund Island.


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